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Hey everyone,

I was trying my hand at some close-ups of frost on leaves and grass while out walking, something I have tried before and not quite got it right, but this time I got there, was even worth the cold hands 😀

Here are the shots hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone
I am not the biggest fan of Grey Squirrel’s due to the huge loss of our native Red Squirrel, but even I have to say this little guy is so sweet, sat out in the early morning frost looking for food.
Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone
This is a photo I took up Towneley  park, while walking in the dark woods, the warm sun light at the end off the path.
Just like life’s paths, I hope there is always light at the end of everyone paths they take in life 🙂

Hope you enjoy !

Hey everyone
Today’s shot is of a winter fungus I took while out walking, huge too, size of a small plate.
Hope you enjoy !



Hey everyone

Sorry this is so late but Happy New Year everyone and hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year !

I have been really busy over the holidays seen family and friends back home, as well as having a university essay to complete, things are really heating up at university with only 6 months left till I finish my degree 😀

So I thought I would share a winter photos as its really is winter know , hope you enjoy 😀





Hey everyone.
Today iv been very busy getting stuff sorted for an up and coming craft fair I’m doing, today I thought I would share what I’v been doing with you all, hope you enjoy !