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Hey everyone

Here is more of the wonderful Skipton, such an interesting place.

Hope you enjoy !



The lovely War memorial garden, in front of Skipton Castle, angel forever watching over the fallen.




Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Skipton with its wonderful bridge.

IMG_0012Skipton Shopping Centre such a wonderful vintage feel to it.


Hey everyone

I went to Skipton over the weekend and wanted to share this wonderful waterfall I discovered at the back of Skipton Castle.

Over the next few day I will share more of my trip.

Hope you enjoy !






Hey everyone

Morning mist over Towneley parks, river overflow lake.

love the Autumn colours

Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

While I was in Southport, I spotted these lovely Greylag geese, which I hadn’t seen before.

There are not as persistent as Canada Geese in begging for food, but do come over and show there interest.
Greylag Geese are also slot quieter that Canada geese too.

Here is a few shots I captured, hope you enjoy !

IMG_0077 (2)


Greylag Goose walking along.

IMG_0215 (2)

Greylag geese in flight.

Hey everyone

I took these shots while I was laying out in the garden, I love the way they are floating across the sky, they look so delicate.

Hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

I have been out walking at the weekend and though I would have a try at capturing Gulls in flight, back lit by the sun.

Here are some of the shots I took , hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

So after having a month or so off posting, to get out and about, I am back and have plenty to update you all on.

For months, if not longer I have been trying to capture a shot of a Dipper, one of my favourite river birds, I see them most walks but had difficulty getting the Dipper in focus.

Here at last in my Dipper in focus looking very cute, hope you enjoy  !


Hey everyone

Over the last few week I have been watching this lovely little Canada Geese family grow and today I wanted to share with you there growth.

The Canada Geese family have two parents and a brood of seven goslings, which is big even for them, but they have all done really well and will soon off on there own.

Hope you enjoy 😀

Hey everyone

So it been awhile, with finishing my degree show and waiting for what felt like forever for my results I have finally finish University and will be graduating from The University Of Central Lancashire on the 16th July which is awesome and I am so proud of my self.

I thought I would share some shots from my degree show, which was a call “Project Preston”. A Project that was done over a series of month, studying Preston city centre, documenting everything in a journal and with my camera, that I later made into a series of six Artist books. I also kept objects I found while out walking because they where part of my experience of Preston City centre.

Hope you enjoy 😀


Hey everyone

So things are slowing down at last and I have had some more time to go out walking, this lovely weather we have been having has just added to the enjoyment.

While walking along the River Calder, which I have walked many times I found this hide part of the river while taking a different route, lovely and green, hope you enjoy 😀