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Hey everyone

Here is a lovely little Robin keeping watch over his territory in Towneley park, Burnley.

Hope you enjoy !





Hey everyone

This little fella started coming to our garden, each evening and has for now set up home, whether he stays or not is a different matter as we also have another male robin in the back garden and Robins are territorial, more so in winter and around breeding season.


Either way, he is very sweet and has a lovely song.



Well hello everyone what a busy week, I have officially got my first craft fair, in Padiham, Lancashire, UK.

Where I will be selling prints of my photos as well as handmade gifts, really excited 😀

Today’s blog is about Robins, which have such a wonderful song, and beautiful bright red chest, captured while out walking in Townley woods, Burnley, hope you enjoy 🙂

lovely little Robiin

lovely little Robin

Up close and personal

Up close and personal