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Hey everyone

Here is some shots from my set up of my Exhibition at La Dolce Vita, Colne.

Hope you enjoy !






Hey everyone

Well its been an eventful week with it been my birthday and then my University Graduation, I haven’t had much time to get out and take some photos, but I have managed to take a photo of our cat Syrah been ever so cute.

Hope you enjoy 😀



Me in my Cap and Gown just before my Graduation ceremony 😀


IMG_0325Syrah been ever so cute !

Hey everyone

So its been one of those months, I haven’t been able to post due to been very busy with university work, only a month now and I will finish 😀

For once I had a bit of free time and decided to go for a walk down to Preston docks.

I captured some shots of robins and swifts , but I think my favorite has got to be the coot family, the Cootlets are not the most beautiful chicks but cute all the same.

Here is some shows family of coots , cootlets and all !

Hey everyone

At the moment I am currently studying Preston city center and documenting what I see, hear and feel.

Yesterday I was out and about and found a hidden train tunnel right under my feet, its was awesome, the wonders we dont no about but are still there 😀

Hope you enjoy !



Hey everyone

I haven’t been around much to blog the last few weeks the heat is picking up in university and things are getting really busy, so the pressure is on.

I have been taking a few photos when I am out and about here are some lovely snowdrops and a crocus, hope you enjoy !






Hey everyone

Today’s photo I took a few days ago when I was out strolling along, Preston docks.

Its feeding time, hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

Today I wanted to share a photography I took in Preston, its of St Walburge’s church, which was build in the 19th century and dominates the Preston skyline. It has the third tallest spire in England and the tallest on a parish church.

Though I am not particularly religious I really like this church, the way its built and also the way its stands over the city like a guardian.

Hope you enjoy !



Hey everyone

While out walking in the park in Preston I captured a photo that says so much.

You may look and see just three bikes, but what I so was a family out enjoying the dry weather,  making memories during the school holidays, that have stopped for a drink and some food, making memories that last forever.

Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

Today I have really been missing spring, with the beautiful colours of the flowers and bright early morning.

So today’s post is some photos I took back in spring 2013, to brighten the winter days.

Hope you enjoy 😀




Hey everyone
Today’s shot is of a winter fungus I took while out walking, huge too, size of a small plate.
Hope you enjoy !