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Hey everyone,

I was trying my hand at some close-ups of frost on leaves and grass while out walking, something I have tried before and not quite got it right, but this time I got there, was even worth the cold hands 😀

Here are the shots hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

I go walking a lot and alot of the time, there is sheep everywhere, so today I thought to share a portrait of animal that is part of the countryside as much as the Rabbit or the Fox.

Sometimes over looked, due to them been farmed and been everywhere, but they really are beautiful animals .

Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

So autumn is here and there is fungi everywhere, while out walking I captured these shots around Hurstwood Reservoir, Burnley.

Hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

I have try many times to get a shot of a Grasshopper.

Its not the best shot, but its a starting point.

Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

While I was out walking I saw this Small Skipper something I had never even heard of before I got home and looked it up in my book.

I just love the bright colour of the Small Skipper, hope you enjoy too !


Hey everyone

Its that time of years again when fungi is everywhere, in many shapes and sizes, here is a few I have taken in the last few weeks.

Hope you enjoy !





Hey everyone

Well that last few day I have been out and about walking and thought I would share some off my photos with you all.

Today me and my partner walked along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, from Brierfield and to Burnley and have seen some wonderful views and birds too.

IMG_0187The starting point, a traditional Lancashire mill in Brierfield.


IMG_0252The wonderful canal bridges, with wonderful reflections on the water.


IMG_0203Highlight to our walk, seen a Grey Heron chick, the smallest I have seen.



Grey Heron chick in flight, Grey Herons have to be on of my favourite birds, I love the way in which they fly, slow and meaningful.




Finishing off with the awesome and breath taking landscape of the Lancashire countryside, with Pendle hill in the distances, its was a wonderful walk and one I will do again.

Hey everyone

Over the last few week I have been watching this lovely little Canada Geese family grow and today I wanted to share with you there growth.

The Canada Geese family have two parents and a brood of seven goslings, which is big even for them, but they have all done really well and will soon off on there own.

Hope you enjoy 😀

Hey everyone

So things are slowing down at last and I have had some more time to go out walking, this lovely weather we have been having has just added to the enjoyment.

While walking along the River Calder, which I have walked many times I found this hide part of the river while taking a different route, lovely and green, hope you enjoy 😀


Hey everyone

I know its been awhile, I finish university in the last few weeks and had my open evening for my degree show which ill post about later in the week. I have also moved back home which was a busy few days packing and unpacking.

So in the last few weeks I haven’t been able to go far, so have been trying to concentrate on capturing Bumble Bees, so here is a post with what I captured. I found the Bees interesting  to watch as they busily collect pollen from flowers in the garden.

Hope you enjoy 😀