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Hey everyone

I was out walking the other day when I so a Grey Heron, sadly I didn’t mange to capture it standing as it was scared of by a dog, but I did manage to capture him as he flew off.

Hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

Here is some shots from my set up of my Exhibition at La Dolce Vita, Colne.

Hope you enjoy !






Hey everyone

A lot of you will know that I love Grey Herons and spend alot of time watching them with my camera.

A few days ago for the first time I watch as a Grey Heron started to fish, which was awesome.

Hope you enjoy !





Hey everyone

Most of you will know that I am a huge fan of Grey Herons , so it will be no surprise that I have been out taking more shots again.

I just love the way they are so quite and majestic and lovely in flight too.

Here is my Grey Heron in flight, hope you enjoy !

Grey heron in flight

Hey everyone

Well that last few day I have been out and about walking and thought I would share some off my photos with you all.

Today me and my partner walked along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, from Brierfield and to Burnley and have seen some wonderful views and birds too.

IMG_0187The starting point, a traditional Lancashire mill in Brierfield.


IMG_0252The wonderful canal bridges, with wonderful reflections on the water.


IMG_0203Highlight to our walk, seen a Grey Heron chick, the smallest I have seen.



Grey Heron chick in flight, Grey Herons have to be on of my favourite birds, I love the way in which they fly, slow and meaningful.




Finishing off with the awesome and breath taking landscape of the Lancashire countryside, with Pendle hill in the distances, its was a wonderful walk and one I will do again.


I have a big soft spot for Grey Heron’s, which I find so magical and beautiful, I see them almost every day but normally there at a distance in the reeds or flying over head, but this time while out walking I was very lucky to get very close to a young male Grey Heron,

I was so chuffed I almost forgot to take the shot but here it is and im so very happy with it, I stayed watching him for nearly an hour before he flew off, all i can say is just wow 😀

up close , so beautiful.

Up close, so beautiful.

hey everyone while out walking yesterday evening I come across and family of Grey Herons.

One parent was on sentry duty while the other was fishing, The chick was trying to fish its self and get used to the water.

While I could only get a shot of one parent the chick was easier to get a shot as its explored the water.

The chick was really fun to watch hope you enjoy 😀

parent still watching the water to fish

parent still watching the water to fish