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Hey everyone

While out walking in the woods I saw my first lot of Snowdrops, which for me is a sign that spring is on its way.

I love spring its has to be my favorite time of year.

Hope you enjoy !



Hey everyone

While I was out walking I saw this Small Skipper something I had never even heard of before I got home and looked it up in my book.

I just love the bright colour of the Small Skipper, hope you enjoy too !


Hey everyone

I thought I would share some of the lovely Ox-eye Daisy Fields, taken a few weeks ago before they started dying back for winter, they look lovely and remind me of spring.

Hope you enjoy !





Hey everyone

I know its been awhile, I finish university in the last few weeks and had my open evening for my degree show which ill post about later in the week. I have also moved back home which was a busy few days packing and unpacking.

So in the last few weeks I haven’t been able to go far, so have been trying to concentrate on capturing Bumble Bees, so here is a post with what I captured. I found the Bees interesting  to watch as they busily collect pollen from flowers in the garden.

Hope you enjoy đŸ˜€


Hey everyone

I haven’t been around much to blog the last few weeks the heat is picking up in university and things are getting really busy, so the pressure is on.

I have been taking a few photos when I am out and about here are some lovely snowdrops and a crocus, hope you enjoy !





Hey everyone

Today I have really been missing spring, with the beautiful colours of the flowers and bright early morning.

So today’s post is some photos I took back in spring 2013, to brighten the winter days.

Hope you enjoy đŸ˜€




Hey everyone

Wow so busy at the minute, knee deep in craft fair stuff, which is this weekend so looking forward to it, also doing great in university.

Today I though I would post this photo I took of a wild rose, from earlier this year, really miss the flowers in winter

hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone.

Today’s photo is a Tulip, close up.

Hope you enjoy !

Pink Tulip

Pink Tulip

Hey everyone
The weather getting cold and autumn well under way I’m really beginning to miss the summer flower’s, here is some shots I took over summer, hope you enjoy !





hey everyone

Sorry i haven’t been around these last few days, been busy up Towneley Park while the weather has been good.

I’v had such a great response to my Great spotted Woodpecker painting (hoping to have it finished tomorrow) that I thought I would share some of my other painting I have been doing the last few months, I hope you enjoy and sorry to the followers that have already seen some of these !

All of these painting are done using acrylic paints.