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Hey everyone

Well that last few day I have been out and about walking and thought I would share some off my photos with you all.

Today me and my partner walked along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, from Brierfield and to Burnley and have seen some wonderful views and birds too.

IMG_0187The starting point, a traditional Lancashire mill in Brierfield.


IMG_0252The wonderful canal bridges, with wonderful reflections on the water.


IMG_0203Highlight to our walk, seen a Grey Heron chick, the smallest I have seen.



Grey Heron chick in flight, Grey Herons have to be on of my favourite birds, I love the way in which they fly, slow and meaningful.




Finishing off with the awesome and breath taking landscape of the Lancashire countryside, with Pendle hill in the distances, its was a wonderful walk and one I will do again.


Hey everyone

So it been awhile, with finishing my degree show and waiting for what felt like forever for my results I have finally finish University and will be graduating from The University Of Central Lancashire on the 16th July which is awesome and I am so proud of my self.

I thought I would share some shots from my degree show, which was a call “Project Preston”. A Project that was done over a series of month, studying Preston city centre, documenting everything in a journal and with my camera, that I later made into a series of six Artist books. I also kept objects I found while out walking because they where part of my experience of Preston City centre.

Hope you enjoy 😀


Hey everyone

At the moment I am currently studying Preston city center and documenting what I see, hear and feel.

Yesterday I was out and about and found a hidden train tunnel right under my feet, its was awesome, the wonders we dont no about but are still there 😀

Hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

Today’s photo I took a few days ago when I was out strolling along, Preston docks.

Its feeding time, hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

Today I wanted to share a photography I took in Preston, its of St Walburge’s church, which was build in the 19th century and dominates the Preston skyline. It has the third tallest spire in England and the tallest on a parish church.

Though I am not particularly religious I really like this church, the way its built and also the way its stands over the city like a guardian.

Hope you enjoy !



Hey everyone

While out in town the other day I thought that I would finally take some photographs of Burnley’s lovely viaducts, so here are a few I took.

You can see in the foreground of the photos the car parks, which is where the original out/indoor market square used to stand.

To the left of the photos there is the Town Mouse pub, which has a rare horse shoe shaped bar and is a lovely little pub.

You can also see on the left one of Burnley’s remaining chimneys from the industrial revolution, which burnley played a big part in.

You can the see the lovely viaducts across the middle of the photos, with pendle hill off in the distance.

Hope you enjoy !



Hey everyone

So it has been a while since I last did a post, due to medical and family illnesses, but thankfully we are all on the mend and I am back out walking again 😀

Today’s shot is of a pub thats in ruins (just outside Burnley central train station), which is becoming more of a common site in Britain which is such a shame, waste of a building.

Nature is starting to take over this building.

Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

Today I thought I would share a photo that I took while on my home from university for a few days.

This is Preston train station this afternoon, hope you enjoy 😀



Hey everyone.

Well I haven’t been out for a week or so due to been really busy with my Towneley project. So I thought I would up date you on what I have been doing, as many of you know, I have been documenting Towneley park as an ongoing university project and as part of the Project I have been drawing my own map , from sketch’s of the paths and parkland I have done.

Hand drawn using a Graphic tablet and illustrator.

Here is the Map so far.

Towneley park, map so far.

Towneley park, map so far.

Hey everyone

Well after a very busy week I’m spending my Sunday relaxing.

Today I though I would share with you some photos i took while out walking in Wycoller, a small Lancashire village. Such a lovely place and some very interesting history too.

Hope you enjoy 😀

Bridge that goes over the river that runs through the village.The bridge joins one part of the village to the other.

Bridge that goes over the river that runs through the village.The bridge joins one part of the village to the other.