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Hey everyone

I just love the architecture of this old bank, so interesting.

Hope you enjoy !



Hey everyone

This is a lovely church in Colne, St Bartholomew’s church, the building is really interesting to look at and really









Hope you enjoy !

Hey everyone

I love this building its transported me back in time when I saw it.

Hope you enjoy !





Hey everyone

I made a second visit to Foulridge reservoir in the day this time to get some shots off the wonderful colours and lighting.

A lovely place and so quite, a hidden treasure 🙂

Hope you all enjoy !






Hey everyone

I was out walking last week along Colne water, Colne, when I saw this lovely path.

The pathway made me think about the hundred and thousands off people that have walked along the path and the decades its has survived, standing tall.

Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

While out walking by the Colne water (colne) the other day and saw this disused farm building and found it very interesting.

The way in which nature is taking the land back and also the way the building is showing its bare self is intriguing.

How you enjoy !

Hey everyone

So after having a month or so off posting, to get out and about, I am back and have plenty to update you all on.

For months, if not longer I have been trying to capture a shot of a Dipper, one of my favourite river birds, I see them most walks but had difficulty getting the Dipper in focus.

Here at last in my Dipper in focus looking very cute, hope you enjoy  !