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Hey everyone

The last few weeks, I have been taking my camera out with me, while I was out walking, my dog Jack , who is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and my best friend 😀

Here is the photos I took, I had such good fun taking these.

Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

I went out at the weekend for a long walk and had the wonderful time of watching a couple of Nuthatches in the woods.

Here are some of the shots, such a wonderful bird.

Hope you enjoy !

Hey everyone
I am not the biggest fan of Grey Squirrel’s due to the huge loss of our native Red Squirrel, but even I have to say this little guy is so sweet, sat out in the early morning frost looking for food.
Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

I go walking a lot and alot of the time, there is sheep everywhere, so today I thought to share a portrait of animal that is part of the countryside as much as the Rabbit or the Fox.

Sometimes over looked, due to them been farmed and been everywhere, but they really are beautiful animals .

Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone.

Today’s post is about Blackbirds, I think Blackbirds are a bird that is over looked by people.

People just see a plain black bird, but when you look closer they are not so black, they have wonderful verities of browns and black in their plumage, as well as having some huge characters.

Hope you enjoy !

Female blackbird, eating a worm.

Female Blackbird, eating a worm.

male blackbird

Male Blackbird

Hey everyone
Today post is of our family cat Syrah, taken when mummy (my mum in-law) had gone on holiday she is a little grumpy about it all.


Hey everyone !

Today’s post is something a little different, I wanted to try and capture my pet cat Syrah’s in a more interest shot, here is what I capture some fun and cute shots hope you enjoy !