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Hey everyone

So autumn is here and there is fungi everywhere, while out walking I captured these shots around Hurstwood Reservoir, Burnley.

Hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

I have many friends but there is one that, is a friends like no person could be, my dog Jack, he is a staffy (staffordshire bull terrier) 

He is like no one else he is always happy too see me, wheather iv been gone five minute or five hours and he never complains about how much off a pain I can be and best of all he loves his cuddles 🙂

I think there is no love like the love between a dog and a person, best friends to the end.

So today I thought I would share my lovely dog with everyone.

hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

I captured these funky fungus while out down Towneley park.

Hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

I was out walking the other day when I so a Grey Heron, sadly I didn’t mange to capture it standing as it was scared of by a dog, but I did manage to capture him as he flew off.

Hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

Well today’s the day I set up for my exhibition, so excited 🙂

My first Lancashire exhibition since I Graduated in summer,  based on the Wildlife of Lancashire

I will update tomorrow with photo’s, but for now I will post about a lovely Dunnock that I spotted one day, walking through Burnley town centre.

Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

I was out walking last week along Colne water, Colne, when I saw this lovely path.

The pathway made me think about the hundred and thousands off people that have walked along the path and the decades its has survived, standing tall.

Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

I went for a lovely walk around Colne town centre and want to capture the town as it is at present.

Hope you enjoy !


Royal Arcade, Colne



The Arcade , Colne


Hey everyone

I went for a afternoon walk around Foulridge reservoir and watched as the sunset over the reservoir.

A wonderful and colourful experience.

Hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

Here is more of the wonderful Skipton, such an interesting place.

Hope you enjoy !



The lovely War memorial garden, in front of Skipton Castle, angel forever watching over the fallen.




Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Skipton with its wonderful bridge.

IMG_0012Skipton Shopping Centre such a wonderful vintage feel to it.


Hey everyone

I went to Skipton over the weekend and wanted to share this wonderful waterfall I discovered at the back of Skipton Castle.

Over the next few day I will share more of my trip.

Hope you enjoy !