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Category Archives: Squirrel

Hey everyone
I am not the biggest fan of Grey Squirrel’s due to the huge loss of our native Red Squirrel, but even I have to say this little guy is so sweet, sat out in the early morning frost looking for food.
Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

Sorry I havent been around had a horrible 48 hour bug, so spend sometime in bed resting, so havent been able to get out and about on the plus side I am feeling loads better,

I was feel better the other day so I went out walking around Towneley park when this Squirrel came very close to me been very cheeky begging for peanuts, as they are well feed by local people, so I took this photos while he try his look, sadly I didnt bring any peanuts for him and he soon lost interest.

He is so sweet !

Hope you enjoy !