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Category Archives: sheep

Hey everyone.

The weather has calm down enough in the last week, so I could get out with my camera and take some wonderful shots  of Lancashire in the snow .

It was cold, but so worth the walk to the top of Burnley. The colour and views was awesome.

Hope you enjoy !



A wonderful view of Pendle hill, all snowy with sheep in the foreground.



The wonderful fields covered in new snow fall.

A closer view of Pendle Hill, looking down on the Lancashire valley, looking as wonderful as ever.


Hey everyone

I went for a walk around Hurstwood reservoir, as I hadn’t been for a long while.

A wonderful autumn walk, windy and colourful.

Hope you enjoy the shots I captured !



Hey everyone

I go walking a lot and alot of the time, there is sheep everywhere, so today I thought to share a portrait of animal that is part of the countryside as much as the Rabbit or the Fox.

Sometimes over looked, due to them been farmed and been everywhere, but they really are beautiful animals .

Hope you enjoy !