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Hey everyone.

The weather has calm down enough in the last week, so I could get out with my camera and take some wonderful shots ย of Lancashire in the snow .

It was cold, but so worth the walk to the top of Burnley. The colour and views was awesome.

Hope you enjoy !



A wonderful view of Pendle hill, all snowy with sheep in the foreground.



The wonderful fields covered in new snow fall.

A closer view of Pendle Hill, looking down on the Lancashire valley, looking as wonderful as ever.


Hey everyone

Well that last few day I have been out and about walking and thought I would share some off my photos with you all.

Today me and my partner walked along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, from Brierfield and to Burnley and have seen some wonderful views and birds too.

IMG_0187The starting point, a traditional Lancashire mill in Brierfield.


IMG_0252The wonderful canal bridges, with wonderful reflections on the water.


IMG_0203Highlight to our walk, seen a Grey Heron chick, the smallest I have seen.



Grey Heron chick in flight, Grey Herons have to be on of my favourite birds, I love the way in which they fly, slow and meaningful.




Finishing off with the awesome and breath taking landscape of the Lancashire countryside, with Pendle hill in the distances, its was a wonderful walk and one I will do again.

Hey everyone

While out in town the other day I thought that I would finally take some photographs of Burnley’s lovely viaducts, so here are a few I took.

You can see in the foreground of the photos the car parks, which is where the original out/indoor market square used to stand.

To the left of the photos there is the Town Mouse pub, which has a rare horse shoe shaped bar and is a lovely little pub.

You can also see on the left one of Burnley’s remaining chimneys from the industrial revolution, which burnley played a big part in.

You can the see the lovely viaducts across the middle of the photos, with pendle hill off in the distance.

Hope you enjoy !



Hey everyone

Well today, I have spent my time walking round Hurstwood reservoir, a lovely hidden place just outside Burnley and on the other side of Worsthorne.

Here is a few of the photos I took ๐Ÿ˜€

Looking through the woods.

Looking through the woods.

Hey everyone

Today I have decided to do my blog on Pendle Hill, the home of the Pendle Witches.

In Lancashire the Pendle Witches are part of the local history, forcing around Pendle Hill, that is still kept alive today in many parts of Lancashire.

The trails of the Pendle Witches in 1612 are well known to local people and even have our own “Witch Way” buses that are named after the Pendle Witches.

For more information on the Pendle Witches this website is great reading.

hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

The rolling hills off Lancashire, with Pendle Hill in the far distance.

The rolling hills off Lancashire, with Pendle Hill in the far distance.