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Category Archives: Nuthatch

Hey everyone

I went out at the weekend for a long walk and had the wonderful time of watching a couple of Nuthatches in the woods.

Here are some of the shots, such a wonderful bird.

Hope you enjoy !

hey everyone

Sorry i haven’t been around these last few days, been busy up Towneley Park while the weather has been good.

I’v had such a great response to my Great spotted Woodpecker painting (hoping to have it finished tomorrow) that I thought I would share some of my other painting I have been doing the last few months, I hope you enjoy and sorry to the followers that have already seen some of these !

All of these painting are done using acrylic paints.

Hello everyone

well the weather the last few days has been really wet , so i through i would get some of my hand painted¬† crafts done, for the craft fair I’m in at the end of august.

Here is a few shots of some hand painted bookmarks, postcard and greetings cards.

I do commissions as well as sell my paintings and photographs , just message me if interested.

hand painted bookmark with a tawny owl.

hand painted bookmark with a tawny owl.

Today while out walking I captured this lovely Nuthatch, only  the second time I have seen one up close.

there are so sweet and a joy to watch as they look for food in trees, hope you enjoy.

Lovely Nuthatch

Lovely Nuthatch.