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Hey everyone

So autumn is here and there is fungi everywhere, while out walking I captured these shots around Hurstwood Reservoir, Burnley.

Hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

I captured these funky fungus while out down Towneley park.

Hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

Its that time of years again when fungi is everywhere, in many shapes and sizes, here is a few I have taken in the last few weeks.

Hope you enjoy !





Hey everyone
Today’s shot is of a winter fungus I took while out walking, huge too, size of a small plate.
Hope you enjoy !



Hey everyone

Today I am sharing a photo I took of some funky winter fungus I spotted while out walking.

Hope you enjoy 😀


Hey everyone.

Todays post is of a shot i took today while out walking. This fungi on the mossy part of a small tree hole.

Fungus fascinate me , mainly as there everywhere and the only part we see is when its time to reproduce, they are also not a plant or an animal they are more close to hair.

Hope you enjoy the shot !



hey everyone

Well all this damp weather has been great for fungi, I have been spotting fungi on all my walks.

Here is some of the wonderful worlds of fungi, enjoy !

hey everyone

Due to some tech problem’s i couldn’t post yesterday so here it is a little late but hope you enjoy !

Well autumn is here and lovely it is !

Hey everyone
Today post is about autumn little recyclers : mushrooms, recycling all the dead or dying trees, leaves and natural material.
Showing them self in autumn to repordunce in many number and colours, heres one I capture today while out walking.


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Hey everyone

Well today’s post is about fungi and mushrooms, as it now perfect time to capture them.

Talken while out walking in Townley park, Burnley.

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