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Hey everyone.

The weather has calm down enough in the last week, so I could get out with my camera and take some wonderful shots  of Lancashire in the snow .

It was cold, but so worth the walk to the top of Burnley. The colour and views was awesome.

Hope you enjoy !



A wonderful view of Pendle hill, all snowy with sheep in the foreground.



The wonderful fields covered in new snow fall.

A closer view of Pendle Hill, looking down on the Lancashire valley, looking as wonderful as ever.


Hey everyone
Sorry everyone that I haven’t been around, been up and down england visiting family and friends before Christmas. While also dog sitting for my baby Jack.

I will be back in the new year with more updates but for now I want to wish everyone a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy new year, I hope 2015 is a great year.

Hope you enjoy this photo I captured of Burnley town centre with its Christmas lights !


Hey everyone

This is a lovely church in Colne, St Bartholomew’s church, the building is really interesting to look at and really









Hope you enjoy !

Hey everyone

I was out walking in Towneley park on Saturday and capture this shot over the Towneley Golf course.

Hope you enjoy !


Hey everyone

I was out walking and I love the pathways that I walk along, the colours and wonder about them is so interesting,

here is two shots of the same pathway one in colour and one in black and white I am unsure which I like the most.

The lighting in the colour shot from the sun is lovely but the mystery from the black and white shot is interesting too,

what do you think, hope you enjoy !






Hey everyone

I made a second visit to Foulridge reservoir in the day this time to get some shots off the wonderful colours and lighting.

A lovely place and so quite, a hidden treasure 🙂

Hope you all enjoy !






Hey everyone

A few nights ago I watch as this wonderful sunset over Burnley town centre, looks like its been painted.

The colour are beautiful, so magical.

Hope you enjoy !




Hey everyone

I took these shots while I was laying out in the garden, I love the way they are floating across the sky, they look so delicate.

Hope you enjoy !