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Hey everyone

I was out walking and I love the pathways that I walk along, the colours and wonder about them is so interesting,

here is two shots of the same pathway one in colour and one in black and white I am unsure which I like the most.

The lighting in the colour shot from the sun is lovely but the mystery from the black and white shot is interesting too,

what do you think, hope you enjoy !






  1. I prefer the colour one!

  2. I like both, but for some reason the black & white one attracts my attention more. It almost looks like a tunnel or wormhole! You have some great photos!

  3. That is a most beautiful path, and lovely photos. I like the first photo best 🙂

  4. I like the color best. More fantasy. It would be such a sweet walk.

  5. Very beautiful view!

  6. Colour!

  7. wonderful

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