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Hey everyone

Most of you will know that I am a huge fan of Grey Herons , so it will be no surprise that I have been out taking more shots again.

I just love the way they are so quite and majestic and lovely in flight too.

Here is my Grey Heron in flight, hope you enjoy !

Grey heron in flight



  1. Love this! I’ve never seen a grey heron in flight before. Stunning photo.

  2. I too love the great blue heron. They have always been close no matter where I have lived. They fly out of the lake fog like the planes in the movie ‘Bridges at Toko Ri.’

  3. Beautiful! There is a lane near the housing estate where I live with big houses on it and one of them has a sizeable pond, where ducks congregate and Canada Geese visit. It must also have a fair few fish, as we often see a Grey Heron swooping over towards it. I love watching them, they’re magnificent birds.

  4. What an absolutely beautiful capture! I can feel the power in those wings as even gravity surrenders to the sheer strength that is mustered against it. Amazing.

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