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Hey everyone

While out walking by the Colne water (colne) the other day and saw this disused farm building and found it very interesting.

The way in which nature is taking the land back and also the way the building is showing its bare self is intriguing.

How you enjoy !



  1. Decay is sad but at the same time fascinating as it goes beyond a record shot

  2. Beautiful black & white photos!

  3. Decay is sad but how interesting it always is. The structures of man are generally fall to the slow workings of plants or the elements left alone. Testiment to the impermanence of things and relentness nature!! I really like the pictures.

  4. I love abandoned buildings like this. They have so much character. Beautiful decay.

  5. I just got back from adding an entry into a contest called Monochrome Madness. I can’t help but think that I’m looking at a possible winner right here on your page. Crazy how that works. Thanks for the views.

  6. ‘Tis the cycle of life my friend.

  7. nice touch; thanks fro stopping in and liking my post; I’ll check out all your stuff

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