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Hey everyone

Well that last few day I have been out and about walking and thought I would share some off my photos with you all.

Today me and my partner walked along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, from Brierfield and to Burnley and have seen some wonderful views and birds too.

IMG_0187The starting point, a traditional Lancashire mill in Brierfield.


IMG_0252The wonderful canal bridges, with wonderful reflections on the water.


IMG_0203Highlight to our walk, seen a Grey Heron chick, the smallest I have seen.



Grey Heron chick in flight, Grey Herons have to be on of my favourite birds, I love the way in which they fly, slow and meaningful.




Finishing off with the awesome and breath taking landscape of the Lancashire countryside, with Pendle hill in the distances, its was a wonderful walk and one I will do again.


  1. Nice walk. Caught the Grey heron perfectly.

  2. I enjoy looking at your page especially all your photographs. Keep up the great work! ^-^

  3. Your Grey Heron looks much like our Great Blue Heron. Beautiful captures, and your view at the end is wonderful. 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by, yeah they are very simpler, such lovely birds 😀

  4. I travelled along there last year in our boat. I remember that building and may have taken a photo of it also. Nice blog!

  5. Wonderful pics, particularly the youngster 🙂 I love herons and feel so happy I can find them on the Ribble.

  6. Thank you so much for your comment about my wolf. I have been leafing through your wonderful posts and must say that they are oddly familiar to me. Maybe subject matter? Do you live in Pennsylvania? Anyway….I love the photography.

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