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Hey everyone

I have currently just started a documentary project on Preston and while walking around the city, I noticed just how many small details we all walk past everyday.

Today shot is of photo of sculpture work, that is on a building on one of Preston’s main roads through the City center.

I myself have walk passed and not noticed it before, this got me thinking about how many things, do we walk past each day and not notice the beauty and detail with in them.

Hope you enjoy !

small details

small details



  1. It certainly pays to look up every now and then. This is similar to the architecture of the Butter Market in Hereford, mentioned in my blog post here:

  2. Beautiful photo. It is neat to stop and see all the things you usually miss 🙂

  3. It takes a while to train yourself to look above the modern shop frontages as you are walking around, then you often have a nice surprise 🙂

  4. You are so right about walking past things on a daily basis and not even noticing the beauty. I am so glad you caught this and your photo is lovely.

  5. Very true. Keep seeing.

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