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Hey everyone

While out walking again in Towneley Park, Burnley, I captured this wonderful Goldfinch. Something I have been trying to do for a long while, they are one of Britain’s more colourful birds but also timid to. Though its not my best shot I’m so chuffed to have capture a goldfinch that doesn’t look like a colourful blur 🙂

Hope you enjoy !





  1. Hi–thanks for visiting my daily poem blog and posting a “Like” on today’s poem. I followed that link to your blog, and am so glad I did. Your nature photography is lovely. Your tree photos, especially, are very much what reach for and try to convey through words when I write about the gorgeous mystery of a tree. Thank you for posting your work for everyone to See.

  2. Nice shot of the goldfinch. On my blog today is a pic of a lesser goldfinch

    • thank you and lovely lesser goldfinch , such lovely birds 😀

  3. love your birds

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