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Hey everyone

I recently read a report from the RSPB that house sparrows are in danger in Britain , well they might be elsewhere but here in Burnley , Lancashire we have a colony that visits our bird feeder at least once a day, most days twice, your talking about 20 to 30 birds its great to watch.


Queuing for breakfast.

hope you enjoy the photos 😀


all the sparrows !

house sparrows everywhere.

house sparrows everywhere.



  1. Hi Kelly – oh so that’s where all the sparrows are. We hardly have any round here. It must be that wonderful sunny weather you have down there.
    PS Thanks for popping in to see me (at – I’d have minded my manners if I’d known a proper photographer was going to look at my pics.

  2. I had a troop in Glasgow but none in the country….

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