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hello everyone

today’s post is about spring, its about the wildlife, the new babies and families been made.

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, its the new start of colourful blooming flowers and baby animals everywhere.

All photograph’s where taken in Townley park, Burnley.


  1. Browsing through your blog is making me long to be able to get out of the city and back to nature! Just lovely stuff you’ve posted. But then I got to the snails and ducks, and suddenly I’m HUNgry! All I can think about is going over to the Beijing Duck place for dinner…perhaps I’m becoming too Chinese. But I just wanted to say, you have a really lovely blog, and I look forward to taking a stroll through nature through you perspective often. Thanks for the visit to my blog, and leaving and encouraging word!

    • Thank you very much and you dont have to go far to see nature I live in a city too, Iv see kestrel’s nesting in the city and many other things you just have to stop and look closer, I hope you enjoy my blog as I enjoy going on walks and sharing them with everyone !

      • Well…there are cities and then there are Chinese cities :-). We currently live in a city of 16 million packed into a density you don’t normally see. There are parks, but they are packed with people. Packed. It’s hard to imagine, you just have to experience it. And construction, pollution, etc., means we live in what I call the Post apocalyptic twilight gloom…we rarely see blue sky, sunlight, etc. I do find a few butterflies, but they are not abundant here. And since Mao had a campaign to kill birds back in the day, that was quite successful, we don’t usually see them either. We actually find that China has just been so settled and domesticated by such a large population, that we really don’t see wildlife much even in the rural mountain areas. Not at all like North America or Africa or New Zealand all places we have lived and found it easy to access nature. All that to say, you are extremely blessed that you live in a city where it is easy to stop and look closer and actually find something…and not have 100 people run over you in 30 seconds :-).

      • hey, wow that sound mental, id get trampled way to much, im always stopping to look at things, i find london to much, shame that people have taken over so much that wildlife has been push out, id so miss the blue sky, im very lucky to have wildlife so close and enjoy it as much as i can n love to share my adventure to new places 😀

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