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Hello everyone

Sorry I haven’t been updating this week been having a small holiday, but im back update each week day and today’s update is on a Great Spotted Woodpecker family

I have been watching the Great Spotted Woodpecker for a few weeks in Townley park, Burnley.

From watching the family of woodpecker I have found that there is both parents and at least three chicks, I can tell this as the chicks have different red marks on there head some brighter than others, hope you enjoy 😀


  1. lovely!

  2. You have wonderful photos on your blog! We would love for you to become an author at wildlifehub ( Email for more information.

  3. Wonderful pictures of them~

  4. Cute!! I like the sequences you have created the photos look great

  5. Great series of photos. Put a link up on today’s blog.

    • thank you, they was a huge high light to my summer i watched the family over a week such wonderful birds 😀

  6. Adorable pictures! Xxxxx

    • Thank you was defiantly a high light to my summer, watching the family over a week was awesome.

  7. Great pictures.

  8. Great shots!

  9. Very nice photos. Arrangement of photos is also very nice. Very good work!

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